It was a Big, Big Egg

Left: The next biggest egg in the carton (3 oz). Right: The big, big egg (4 oz).

The things we get excited about these days…

It seems like one day bleeds into the next during the winter months. Nothing too eventful or out of the ordinary, or even noteworthy grabs our attention. But then spring arrives. The additional hours of day light provide the catalyst for poultry magic: eggs! eggs! eggs!

Generally, we greet the onset of egg season with subdued celebration. We say things like, “Isn’t it great that we don’t have to buy eggs now?” and “I wonder if mom and dad need eggs.” We don’t take into account the wonder of it all, that there is now just enough light entering the eye of the ducks and chickens to convince the pineal gland into triggering the release of an egg. Nature’s alchemy at work.

And then once in a while, there’s double magic (literally, double). A very big, big egg has been sitting in our egg fridge in the back room for a couple of weeks, too glorious in size and mysterious in contents to crack open. But today our curiosity got the best of us and we opened up this little (big) gift from one of our chicken hens.

Weight: 4oz

Contents: 2 beautiful golden yolks.

Result: Dave had a delicious fried egg breakfast.

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