The Purpose of Spring

It is springtime in Bow. The darling buds of May are in full carpet-bloom along the fenceline and behind the … More

It was a Big, Big Egg

The things we get excited about these days… It seems like one day bleeds into the next during the winter … More

Sylvia Sings

March 2019 Sylvia hums warm cooing sounds of appreciation as I play Nina Simone. She lifts herself onto hesitant, still … More

Like Sheep

It is a small herd of three.  I think their collective spirit must long for a more ample assemblage, and … More


            I had fallen asleep thinking that he would be dragging around his creaky old bones and tripping over small … More

Bo-Peep Style

Last Sunday Cleo and I found ourselves engaged in an honest to goodness push-pull… or maybe it was a push-push… … More

September Fray

Sylvia was attacked by two German Shepherds on a brisk September morning. Dave and I discovered her broken and bloody … More